Provide your data in exchange for your market panel

Monitor the performance of your national /local market and of your activity area. Some panels linked with the operational needs and the business indicators. The first business multi-vertical panellist.

Some performance indicators made for the teams

Select your panel

Choose your business, your area of activity and your analysis axis.

Get compared

Access the market figures. Link any type of data.

Validate and correct

We clarify the analysis grids to enable you to confirm or correct your action plans.

A brand-new access to market data

For you to compare with your competitors on your own, Follow The Market makes market data available while guaranteeing the privacy and the security of the data.

Usable and secure data

Fine granularity

Your panels available for your areas of activity.


You access and recover your data whenever.

Multi vertical

Any line of business (clothing, catering, footwear….).


Organise your dashboards according to your specific hierarchies.

Any platform

Your dashboards can be read anywhere, anytime, on any support whatsoever.

Open Data – IA

Our databases are enriched by the most pertinent elements available on the activity.


Your data are secure and their access is protected through a two-factor authentification.


Your performances are made anonymous.

They Trust us!

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