FAQ – Company

When was Follow The market (FTM) created?

FTM is a service developed and provided by ACHGAS SAS, a company created in March 2018 and listed under the number 838 340 776  at  the Registre du Commerce de Lille Métropole (Lille Métropole Trade and Companies Register).

How to define FTM’s business?

FTM gives the possibility to measure the true performance of the outlets through Panel/benchmark feedback from the local market.

FTM’s business is thus to make market data available for all, on any device and anytime, with a guaranteed data privacy. Our expertise will allow you to compare with all the actors in an independent way.

FTM’s pillars

FTM values drive the company on a daily basis:

  • Performance
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Entrepreneurship